Kuran Malhotra Financial Literacy Equals Leverage

You really cannot blame Individuals for getting it all screwed up. They have been taught that way, and we are social creatures and we learn from our environment-I mean, this is character. However, it is just numerically the case they were born in that connection, in that household, in that town, in that society. The truth is totally different.

Financial Literacy Business

What am I referring to? I’m referring to how you are educated and trained to obtain a job; educated, trained and educated to find work.

And you are taught, Trained and educated you may find a better job if you would like to earn more money and have more of the conveniences of life, when actually there is not a job that can ever do it for you. A project, which some folks say is an acronym for just over broke, is, as a matter of fact, what most people are.

What are we talking about? This: it means being in business for yourself. But not just any company. Many business owners simply traded their job to get a cover yourself last chain around their neck. . That could be worse than a project. You have got to escape from trading hours for dollars.

You think so? Hey, on An eight-hour day that is $160. Now, you can convert this to your own currency, but by the time you pay 40-50percent to the tax individual, that is not a fantastic job!

And what are you going to do? Are you going to devote a small amount of overtime? How much can you do, and how much do you need to do? You have got to consider leverage. You have got to consider multiplication.

What can you do, for Example, like a rock star or an information marketer, only once and have it market over and over again? What can you create, in the online Age clearly, that is electronic and when you sell it everywhere in the world, you have still got it and you can sell it?

Think multiplication, Think leverage, and think as a company owner. Think, what can you leverage?

You can be sure that Henry Ford, had he remained anĀ Kuran Malhotra employee rather than employing tens of thousands. You can rest assured that Andrew Carnegie, had he remained an employee rather than employing thousands and thousands. Neither would not have discovered the leverage and gone on to the wonderful riches and advantage they brought to the world.